Peacock Bass & Clown Knife Fish Charters

Peacock Bass Kayak Fishing Charters

Peacock Bass Kayak Fishing Charters are a must try trip if you are into Bass or freshwater fishing. Catching Peacock Bass & Clown Knife Fish is an absolute blast. Catching them from a kayak... now that's even better! The canals in Delray Beach, Florida are loaded with big Peacock Bass and Clown Knife Fish. The beauty of fishing from a kayak is that we can get to places where the boaters can't. We fish bridges, docks and structures with live Shad and artificial lures on light tackle. It's common for us to catch upwards of 20 or more Peacock Bass in a morning or afternoon trip. The Clown Knife fish are a little more elusive, but we usually have a shot at a couple each trip. The real skill is landing these fish because of their ability to swim backwards!

Kayak Fishing Charters

DEEP BLUE offers charters out of Lake Ida in Delray Beach, Florida. Trips start at only $250 per person and $50 for each additional angler. Charters are roughly 4-5 hours and can be either morning or afternoon. This trip is perfect for anyone who is looking to knock off a couple of new species off his or her bucket list or just looking to have a relaxing fun day on a kayak catching a bunch of fish!

Included in the trip is a Hobie Outback Kayak Rental, Tackle, Rods & Reels, Live bait, Photos and video of the day's adventure!

Peacock Bass and Clown Knife Fish are caught year round in Florida so make sure the next time you are in the FL, you book a trip with DEEP BLUE and experience this unique fishery!