Hobie Charter Kayak Fleet

Our charter kayak fleet is full of the best kayaks that Hobie has to offer. We have four different options that can handle any type of fishing Southeast Florida has to offer. Upon request and availability, you are able to use any of these kayaks listed below!

Hobie Outback (4)

The Hobie Outback is the best all around kayak. This is the kayak we use on majority of trips. Great for everyone!

Hobie Revolution 13 (1)

Built for speed, this kayak is narrow but fast! We like to use this kayak for Junior anglers or individuals that weigh less than 180lbs. Individuals that are bigger should go with the Outback or Compass for a wider platform.

Hobie Compass (1)

Great new kayak from Hobie. Perfect for Inshore, Offshore and Freshwater. This kayak is very close to the outback so its great for everyone and all conditions!