Hawaiian Kage Gaffs

Hawaiian Fishing Spear Gaffs otherwise known as Kage Gaffs by DEEP BLUE feature solid hardwood oak for ultra durability and are coated with a waterproofing and epoxy finish ensuring its long term reliability in the toughest conditions. The stainless steel threaded rod is specially treated for crud and rust decay. Rubber handle on top for maximum grip in the slipperiest waters backed by a para cord, just in case!

In Stock Kage Gaffs

Below are 2 of our most popular Kage Gaff colors. These are available to ship next day! The length on these are 47 inches from tip to butt end

True Blue $90.00

Blood Red $90.00

Custom Colors Available Upon Request!

If you have something special in mind (color… design) click the link below and send us a message of what you would like. We will respond ASAP.